Methods Clinics 18.3.2021

Pre-processing of MEG data
  • Date Mar 18, 2021 from 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM (Europe/Helsinki / UTC200)
  • Location Zoom
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This Clinic will focus on the first pre-processing steps of the raw MEG data. We will briefly cover the theory behind the main pre-processing steps (mainly Maxfiltering/SSS and ICA) and then go to hands-on practice, testing a few different approaches with real data. I will also go through a fresh, ready-made Python script, that hopefully can be useful in doing the pre-processing step in a quick, easy and replicable manner. You can also test the new script yourself and we will try to debug it together.

Most probably this Clinic will take place via Zoom, which is of course not optimal, but we will give it a try. Everyone is welcome!

The Zoom link is:

The introduction and exercise paper is here.

CIBR organizes Methods Clinics in data analysis to MEG/EEG researchers. Each Method Clinic session focuses on a single problem/ methods/ software, with the aim of facilitating usage of new data analysis tools.

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