Methods Clinics 8.12.2021

Advanced analysis methods
  • Date Dec 08, 2021 from 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM (Europe/Helsinki / UTC200)
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Check if one of these would be interesting for you today:

1) Python basics (already covered this fall): /projects/training/MNE-Python/

2) LCMV and MNE source modeling with MNE-Python: /projects/training/MNE-BF-Py/

3) Decoding with MNE-Python: /projects/training/decoding/


CIBR organizes Methods Clinics in data analysis to MEG/EEG researchers. Each Method Clinic session focuses on a single problem/ methods/ software, with the aim of facilitating usage of new data analysis tools.

Next clinics:

  • January 2022: Pre-processing of MEG data
  • February 2022: Using and importing MR images
  • March 2022: Elekta/MEGIN data analysis suite
  • April 2022: Meggie GUI for MEG processing
  • May 2022: Basics of MNE-Python