MEG reservation calendar

In order to make a reservation for time in the MEG laboratory you first need to have a research permission to use MEG. For this, please contact or call 040 805 3533 (Tiina Parviainen).

The Jyväskylä Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Research gives user rights to "Meg Lab" Google calendar after receiving a research permission. Unless stated otherwise in the internal messaging of JYU MEG users, each project can reserve 2 full days (can be devided to max 4 half days) of measurement time per calendar month. In addition, all free time slots within the two weeks are free for reservation. All reserved time slots (excluding pilots) should have a measurement subject agreed. This means that all the time slots should be reserved according to real, agreed measurements. For making measurement reservations, it is possible to hold on to the reserved time slots for two to three days. How far in to the future projects can make reservations should be discussed with MEG personnel.

Covid19-added restriction: There has to be one hour break between different projects in the lab. Remember to consider this, when doing reservations. Also that other projects would have a realistic possibility to use the lab before or after you, if you don't need to use the whole day.

How to make a reservation:

  • Click "Google calendar" in the lower right corner and login with your username and password.
  • Make sure you have Meg lab -calendar activated in the case you are using several calendars.
  • Find a free time slot and make your reservation. Make sure you reserve enough time for preparation also.
  • If you want to make reservation outside 9 -17, please contact CIBR (
  • When making your reservation, make sure that the name of the responsible MEG operator, and name of the project are marked to the title line. You may also add the phone number of the MEG operator to the description box. Also put the text “pilot” to the title line if you are just testing the system or doing something other than actual research.
  • Contact Viki-Veikko Elomaa if there are problems.