International Summer School "Understanding Learning in the Brain" 2017

 The summer school consists of three events:

I Educational Neuroscience Symposium, June 12

II Conference "Understanding learning in the brain", June 13 - 14

III MEG/EEG Analysis Workshop, June 15 - 16 (workshop full)


The International Summer School “Understanding Learning in the Brain”, organized by Centre for Interdisciplinary Brain Research and Department of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä, consists of three events: an Educational Neuroscience Symposium, a two-day Conference, a two-day Workshop on advanced MEG/EEG signal processing. You can participate in one or all of the events.

The Conference consists of 5 symposia, including keynote lectures on learning, memory, brain development and learning disabilities. The Workshop is targeted for researchers having basic knowledge on MEG/EEG signal processing, and it will focus on analysis of brain connectivity. The Educational Neuroscience Symposium will discuss learning in a broader scope and is open for all interested.









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