Cognitive neuroscience study program

The information will be updated continuously, check back often. Last updated 17.10.2017. More information: Senior lecturer Jan Wikgren

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In the academic year 2017-2018, at least the following courses are available:

Mandatory courses organized by CIBR:

CIBA110 Anatomy and physiology of the central and autonomic nervous system

  • Teaching sessions on Mondays. 
  • A book exam on Purves et al book (Neuroscience, Units I - IV) on Mon 29.10 at 10 - 12, thereafter can be taken throughout the year as an eTentti
  • The exam consists of multiple choice questions, use the lists of questions found in Koppa to prepare yourself.
  • Lecture videos by Heikki Tanila (in Finnish) that can be found and viewed in Moniviestin ask Jan Wikgren for the path key

CIBA120 Experimental methods in neuroscience

  • Lectures (Jan Wikgren) starting from 5.11.2018
  • Assessment is based on weekly assignments done in groups
  • Hands on sessions 2-3 h per group (max 8 students per group) 29.11. - 3.12. in Teaching Lab Aa231
  • Topics cover experimental designs, EEG recordings and basic signal processing

CIBA130 Basics of brain imaging

  • Teaching sessions (Jan Wikgren, Simo Monto and Tiina Parviainen) on Mondays at 10:15 to 13:45 12.2. - 26.3.2018
    • Sessions consist of a lecture (2 h) and presentations (~20 min each) by students on research examples
  • Topics cover:
    • Intracranial recordings and imaging
    • Event-related potentials (ERP)
    • Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
    • Positron emission tomography (PET)
    • (functional) Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
  • Take away exam: Two weeks to answer 10 questions in short essay form

Optional courses organized by CIBR

CIBA140 Neuroscience practicum

  • Practical work in research groups, contact team leaders personally. List of possibilities will appear here soon.

CIBA150 Current issues in cognitive neuroscience

  • More information soon

CIBA160 Neurobiology of learning and memory

  • Tentatively planned as an intensive course in June 2018
  • Lectures by Miriam Nokia
  • Literature: Jerry W Rudy: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
  • More information closer to the course

Courses organized by other departments (optional)

PSYA170 Kognitiivinen psykologia ja kognitiivinen neurotiede (Psychology)

  • Lectures (in Finnish) on Wednesdays 12-14 and Thursdays 10-12 20.9. - 19.10. Contact Jan Wikgren

PSYS122 Neuropsykologia IIIA (Psychology)

PSYS123 Neuropsykologia IIIB (Psychology, lectures in English)

  • Spring term 2018

YFIS510 Aivotutkimuksen filosofia (Social Sciences and Philosophy)

  • Can be done as an essay based on literature package throughout the year. Contact Jussi Saarinen 

LBIP002 Hermolihasjärjestelmän kinesiologia (Biology of Physical activity)

  • Lectures (in Finnish) from 24.10.

TIES324 Signal Processing (Information Technology)

  • Lectures (in Finnish) late spring 2018

CIPA213 Developmental language related disorders (Psychology)

  • Intensive one week of lectures every day, spring 2018. More information: Paavo Leppänen

MTEM020 Music Therapy in Medicine and as Rehabilitation (Music)