Cognitive neuroscience study program

Cognitive neuroscience study program started in the Fall 2014.

The information will be updated continuously, check back often. Last updated 17.10.2017. More information: Senior lecturer Jan Wikgren

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In the academic year 2017-2018, at least the following courses are available:

Mandatory courses organized by CIBR:

CIBA110 Anatomy and physiology of the central and autonomic nervous system

  • Lectures on Mondays at 10:15 to 13:45 4.9. - 9.10. 
  • A book exam on Purves et al book (Neuroscience, Units I - IV) on Mon 23.10 at 10 - 13, thereafter can be taken throughout the year as an eTentti
  • Lectures by Tuula Jalonen are in English
  • There are also older lecture videos by Heikki Tanila (in Finnish) that can be found and viewed in Moniviestin ask Jan Wikgren for the path key

CIBA120 Experimental methods in neuroscience

  • Lectures (Jan Wikgren) on Mondays at 10:15 to 13:45 6.11. - 20.11. and 8.1. - 22.1.2018
  • Assessment is based on weekly assignments done in groups
  • Topics cover experimental designs, EEG recordings and basic signal processing

CIBA130 Basics of brain imaging

  • Teaching sessions (Jan Wikgren, Simo Monto and Tiina Parviainen) on Mondays at 10:15 to 13:45 12.2. - 26.3.2018
    • Sessions consist of a lecture (2 h) and presentations (~20 min each) by students on research examples
  • Topics cover:
    • Intracranial recordings and imaging
    • Event-related potentials (ERP)
    • Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
    • Positron emission tomography (PET)
    • (functional) Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
  • Take away exam: Two weeks to answer 10 questions in short essay form

Optional courses organized by CIBR

CIBA140 Neuroscience practicum

  • Practical work in research groups, contact team leaders personally. List of possibilities will appear here soon.

CIBA150 Current issues in cognitive neuroscience

  • More information soon

CIBA160 Neurobiology of learning and memory

  • Tentatively planned as an intensive course in June 2018
  • Lectures by Miriam Nokia
  • Literature: Jerry W Rudy: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
  • More information closer to the course

Courses organized by other departments (optional)

PSYA170 Kognitiivinen psykologia ja kognitiivinen neurotiede (Psychology)

  • Lectures (in Finnish) on Wednesdays 12-14 and Thursdays 10-12 20.9. - 19.10. Contact Jan Wikgren

PSYS122 Neuropsykologia IIIA (Psychology)

PSYS123 Neuropsykologia IIIB (Psychology, lectures in English)

  • Spring term 2018

YFIS510 Aivotutkimuksen filosofia (Social Sciences and Philosophy)

  • Can be done as an essay based on literature package throughout the year. Contact Jussi Saarinen 

LBIP002 Hermolihasjärjestelmän kinesiologia (Biology of Physical activity)

  • Lectures (in Finnish) from 24.10.

TIES324 Signal Processing (Information Technology)

  • Lectures (in Finnish) late spring 2018

CIPA213 Developmental language related disorders (Psychology)

  • Intensive one week of lectures every day, spring 2018. More information: Paavo Leppänen

MTEM020 Music Therapy in Medicine and as Rehabilitation (Music)