5th Annual Seminar of CIBR "Made in Jyväskylä"

  • Milloin 05.12.2017 klo 13.0021.00 (Europe/Helsinki / UTC200)
  • Missä Agora, auditory 2
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The Centre for Interdisciplinary Brain Research (CIBR) is delighted to announce the 5th Annual Research seminar “Made in Jyväskylä” on Tuesday 5th of December in Agora, Auditory 2. After 2 years of brain research utilizing MEG-scanner, it is time to examine what we have been working on and take a look to the future challenges!

The MEG lab, as well as CIBR in general, was established to enhance interdisciplinary science in JYU. The range of topics by the speakers in the seminar suggests we have succeeded: the program consists of presentations by scientists from every faculty in University of Jyväskylä. This is a great opportunity for researchers from other fields of science,  to get familiar with the brain research done in Jyväskylä and probe the possibilities for collaboration.

After the talks there is an evening session at 18:00 – 21:00 with wine and snacks in Kärki building (Mattilanniemi 6). Visiting the MEG laboratory will be possible during the evening.

You are invited to present a poster on any topic related to brain and behavioral research, either work in progress or latest findings.


 RESEARCH SEMINAR 13.00-18.00 Agora building, auditorium 2

Opening words, rector Keijo Hämäläinen

Freshly baked MEG projects 13.00-15.00

  • Sarianna Sipilä - Physical and cognitive training intervention among older adults (Gerontology)
  • Vesa Putkinen - Music induced emotional processing in the brain (Music)
  • Jarmo Hämäläinen - Following speech-related learning in the brain (Psychology)
  • Jukka-Pekka Kauppi - Applying machine learning techniques to MEG data (Information technology)
  • Tiina Parviainen - Signatures of development in the brain (Psychology)
  • Katariina Korniloff - Body, brain and depression (Physiotheraphy/JAMK)
  • Minna Torppa - Discordant and concordant twins in reading (Educational psychology)
  • Simon Walker - Effects of strength training in the brain (Biology of Physical Activity)
  • Jari Kurkela  - MEG research in the ActiveMind lab (Psychology)
  • Susanne Kumpulainen - Acute effects of aerobic exercise for brain function (Biology of Physical activity)

15-15.30 Coffee

Future lines and new openings in MEG 15.30-16.50

  • Paavo Leppänen - Brain in the internet (Psychology)
  • Jan Wikgren - Of rabbits and men in memory research (Psychology)
  • Eero Haapala - HIIT training, brain and cognition (Biology of physical activity)
  • Matti Leppäniemi - Neuromarketing - challenges and opportunities (Marketing)
  • Taija Juutinen - Effects of exercise therapy intervention on physical function, neuromuscular mechanisms and brain motor control in cerebral palsy (Neuromuscular Research Center, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences)
  • Mikko Vesisenaho - Developing virtual reality research for understanding the role of emotions, stress and their underlying brain states in learning and education (Teacher education)
  • Iballa Burunat - The advantageous study of the music-listening brain  (Music)
  • Simo Monto - Studying social and neuronal interactions in MEG  (Psychology)

17-18 Keynote: Mikael Puurtinen - The evolution of conflict and cooperation in human groups

18.00-21.00 Kärki building (Mattilanniemi 6)