CIBR Seminar 22th May on social neuroscience: mirror neurons, interoception and autism

You are warmly welcome to the next CIBR seminar on 22th May at 9-11 in Ag D225.1. We will have two outstanding guest speakers from London, with background in social neuroscience, psychology and genetics with research focus on emotional awareness, mirror neuron system and action observation. Please distribute the information to anyone interested!

Jennifer Cook: Imitation in Autism - from mirror neurons to movement kinematics

Geoff Bird: The role of Interoception in Autism Spectrum Disorder

About the speakers: 
Geoff Bird has worked in UCL, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and in Centre for Economic Learning and Social Evolution, and is currently at MRC Centre at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. He has studied the mechanisms of action observation, attentional modulation of social and non-social stimuli, executive functions, empathy, decision making and emotional awareness. His work is relevant for understanding the develoment of theory of mind and social emotions across adolescence, both in typically developing and autisim spectrum conditions. 

Jennifer Cook has studied action observation and imitation in typical individuals and in Autism in UCL London and in Cambridge University. Currently, she is based at both City University London and Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (Netherlands). Her current work is looking at the relationship between personality, genes, social factors and the learning process.

If you would be interested to meet the speakers for informal discussion on related research topics, please contact Tiina Parviainen.