CIBR seminar on Fri 19.2. at 14-15: Possibilities of MEG-to-MEG studies and video-MEG

The first CIBR seminar of this year will be held this Friday (19.2.) in Agora Delta (2nd floor) at 14:00-15:00

We are delighted to have Andrey Zhdanov from Aalto University as our speaker. He will be giving an interesting presentation about:

“Possibilities of MEG-to-MEG studies and video-MEG”

We are soon installing video-monitoring cameras and software for MEG-synchronized video acquisition in our MEG lab. Using this setup, you will be able to monitor subjects’ behaviour and other events during your MEG studies. What is more, it will enable studying two-person interactions in collaboration with another MEG site. You are welcome to listen to and question Mr. Andrey Zhdanov, co-creator of the video monitoring system, about further possibilities and details.