CIBR seminar on Fri 13.5. at 14-15: Music the Mood Operator, Suvi Saarikallio

CIBR seminar in May will be held on Friday (13.5.) in Agora Delta (2nd floor) at 14:00-15:00.

We are delighted to have Suvi Saarikallio from University of Jyväskylä as our speaker. She will be giving an interesting presentation about: Music the Mood Operator”.

People often engage in music for the personal emotional gratifications it provides. This talk presents recent music psychology findings about how the emotional engagement in music actually serves as a reflection of a person's internal emotionality (personality, mood, mood disorders, problem behavior, empathy), introducing music as a forum for identifying and understanding features of the general emotional behavior. The talk provides glances to why music functions as such a “mood operator” in terms of both reflecting and impacting our emotions and how the topic has recently been studied at our University (motion capture, psychometrics, neural measures).