Doctoral Program in Cognitive neuroscience 

Doctoral Program in Cognitive Neuroscience is one of the three doctoral programs in the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Education and Psychology in the University of Jyväskylä. It welcomes doctoral candidates with different backgrounds such as in cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience, behavioral sciences (e.g. psychology, sport sciences, psycholinguistics), cognition science, information technology, engineering, medicine, life sciences, or related fields. Next application round takes place in Spring 2022.

For more information, visit the doctoral program's web page.

Cognitive neuroscience study program

Cognitive neuroscience study program offers comprehensive basics about the brain research and its applications in fields where knowledge about brain function and appropriate research methods is needed. The interdisciplinary study program combines the nervous system and brain function theory, and the latest technologies for the electrical brain function imaging and their usage. The study program prepares the student to understand and measure the nervous system and brain functions, as well as to manage and model various nervous and brain signal analysis techniques. The study program is open for all students of the University of Jyväskylä.

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More information: Jan Wikgren

MEG Driving License course

CIBR organises 3-day courses for researchers, who are starting data acquisition with MEG. The course includes theoretical background of brain measurements with MEG, hands-on training in our MEG lab, information on lab environment and security, best practices in CIBR, and very basics of data analysis. The course is organised once per semester, or according to user needs. 

To preliminary sign up for the course, please send us email to: 

More information: Simo Monto

MEG Methods Clinics 

CIBR organizes training in data analysis to MEG/EEG researchers. Each Method Clinic session focusis on a single problem/methos/software, with the aim of facilitating usage of new data analysis tools. These sessions comprise of a small theoretical instruction, followed by hands-on training in our data analysis class. 

More information: Simo Monto