Welcome to CIBR MEG instruction pages!

Covid-19 info: Because of the pandemic, researchers of University of Jyväskylä have been working from home since mid-March. All research on human subjects was stopped, including activities in CIBR MEG lab, until October 2020. Now the work continues again but taking into account the present recommendations. You can ask more information how you can continue with your research from the support personnel. More information might also appear to these pages.

However, the data and analysis software on CIBR servers are still fully accessible remotely, so it is a good time to focus on analysis of existing data if there is nothing else to do. On the Intranet pages of CIBR, you can find various instructions to support your data analysis during the remote work period: how to connect to the servers, how to find and start your favourite analysis software, how to get help with pre-processing, how to prepare MRI-based forward models, material for self-training, shared example scripts — and you can always ask for more. If you experience any trouble with using the servers, please contact CIBR staff by our jyu.fi-email, cibr-support.

We hope that you find the instructions on these pages helpful. We keep updating the information,  so use these at your own consideration. If you have suggestions or questions, or want to contribute, contact cibr-info e-mail address.