MEG Skills

This site is a web page formed under the JYU CIBR web pages. The Idea is to help novice and aspiring MEG researchers to get a basic understanding of the general principles of MEG research.

The site starts by introducing the basic concepts of the MEG data collection, what it means to acquire MEG data and what we can see by looking at MEG data. The Introduction is followed by sections advancing through the MEG research process. First, the MEG researcher has an idea for what they’d like to study. Then it is time to formulate a research plan and to ponder whether this is a question suitable for MEG research. After coming up with a research question and a plan, the researcher then has to move to planning the actual experiments in the MEG lab. With that done it is time to run the experiment with subjects and gather data. After this the collected data must be cleaned and analyzed. This is the general route most MEG studies take.

The structure of the site is depicted in the image presented below.

MEG skills hierarchy