Jyväskylä Centre for Interdisciplinary Brain Research (CIBR)

Jyväskylä Centre for Interdisciplinary Brain Research (CIBR) provides research facilities and support for neuroscientific research across different disciplines.

CIBR houses state-of-the-art techniques for measuring and stimulating brain, ranging from single neuron level to the brain and body functions. Research activities focus especially on brain changes throughout the lifespan in context of learning and development, interventions and wellbeing, and physical exercise.

Current events and news

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Aivoviikon satoa! Maaliskuussa järjestimme Aivoviikon yleisötapahtuman verkossa. Julkaisimme maksuttomia aivoterveyttä tarkastelevia videoluentoja, joista osa on edelleen nähtävissä. Lisäksi tarjosimme yleisölle mahdollisuuden &hellip

Aivoviikon satoa! Maaliskuussa Aivoviikolla julkaisimme maksuttomia aivoterveyttä tarkastelevia videoluentoja. Yleisölle tarjottiin myös mahdollisuus kysyä aivoihin liittyviä kysymyksiä! #aivoviikko #jyubrain @JYUedupsy @JYUsport_health

Great work, congratulations @natalianl12 and co-authors for the publication on behavioral and brain measures of morphological processing in school-age children! @uniofjyvaskyla &hellip

In collaboration with researchers from the University of Toledo and University of Michigan our researchers found that genetic burden related to &hellip

Interesting findings by Jan Wikgren an co-authors: Elevated genetic risk for #MetabolicSyndrome negatively affects #cognition even at young age. @uniofjyvaskyla @JYUedupsy &hellip

Welcome to the Info Zoom Event on new Doctoral Program for Cognitive Neuroscience TODAY April 9th at 12am! The event briefly &hellip

We are delighted to announce that the BRAINBREAK webinar of Neurocenter Finland is hosted by Jyväskylä region and CIBR in April &hellip

Jyväskylä region and CIBR will host the next BRAINBREAK of @NeurocenterFI! Join us to hear interesting speeches by Harri Piitulainen and &hellip