Profound changes to literacy are taking place in todays’ digital and networked world. In particular, the exposition of the Internet use has changed literacy practices in many ways requiring new reading skills and strategies. eSeek is a multidisciplinary research project that aims at reaching a better understanding on these new literacy demands on the Internet for school-aged children.

Aim of the project is to

  • increase our understanding of Internet information seeking skills and their underlying factors in 11−13 year-old school-aged children,
  • clarify how children with different learning difficulties differ in Internet seeking skills and neural processes compared to typical learners, and
  • provide knowledge which promotes creating teaching methods for effective use of the Internet in school context.


More information can be found in the webpages of the eSeek project.


Project team



  • The Academy of Finland 2014-2017, Research Program: The Future of Learning, Knowledge and Skills (TULOS)