Neuro-cognitive changes in aging

Aging is related to structural and functional changes in the brain, and these associate with cognitive decline, especially changes in attention and executive functions. It is not clear, however, when during the lifespan healthy aging-related changes in the brain behavioral level begin. To this end, we have studied 20-85 years old women by measuring their brain function with magnetoencephalography (MEG) and applying cognitive tests to them.  Brain activation measurements to somatosensory and auditory stimuli are used to measure the cognitive functions in different hierarchy from obligatory to attentive processes. In addition, the associations between neuro-cognitive functions and physical fitness, physical activity and lifestyle measures are investigated. The project provides important information on aging in the level of the brain and cognition that can be applied for example when planning services to the elderly people. These results in healthy participants also pave way for the observations of pathological aging-related changes.


Project team

  • Piia Astikainen