CIBR newsletter for autumn 2019

Information about CIBR events this year, as well as some relevant news for all neuroscience -oriented researchers.

CIBR will arrange BRAIN SEMINAR series targeted to a broad audience around neuroscience
• 4th October, prof. Joszef Csicsvari: Coding and reactivation of spatial memory traces in the hippocampal formation, Agora Alfa
• 11th October, 14.15, prof. Olaf Hauk: Dynamic Brain Networks of Semantics Studied Using EEG/MEG”, RUU D101 (JUHO)
• Please contact us if you have a research visitor who could give a talk in this seminar series, or seminar that could be advertised to CIBR collegium.

CIBR annual seminar (11th December)
• We will have CIBR Annual meeting in 11th December in Agora Auditorium 2. Save the date!

Methods Clinics (Kärki 2nd floor computer class)
• 23rd October, 13:00, Python group study will continue, you can have access to an extended selection of DataCamp lessons via the CIBR academic license after 16th October. Datacamp access can be requested from simo.monto at using your e-mail address. Please plan your work so that you would complete the course "Intermediate Python for data science" by the evening of the 23rd October. The estimated time for course completion is 4 hours, but be prepared for more.
• 13th November, 13:00, MaxFilter principles and basics, advanced processing options, scripts that are available for multi-subject use cases.
• 18th December, 13:00, hands-on training for the in-house analysis environment Meggie: artefact removal, evoked analysis, spectral and TFR analysis, etc.
• 15th January, 13:00, MEGIN / Elekta tools: XFit, Plotter and MRIlab for channel-level plotting and analysis, MRI visualization and single- and multi-dipole source modelling.
• 19th February, 13:00, MEGIN import tool, SimNIBS and FreeSurfer: Importing and processing MRI images provided by Synlab for the needs of MEG analysis.

MEG driving license course
• Next MEG driving license course will be organized early next year. You can already contact us at cibr-info if you are interested in this.

• Our INTRANET pages are out! : You can find information about IT resources, MEG lab instructions, Preparing the lab, Preparing the subject and more!
• Pages are still under revision, please give us feedback for developing the pages!

Starting a new MEG project
• When you start a new project, fill in the form for MEG research permission (even if you have already completed one study, we need to register all new projects separately). This is important for bookkeeping of projects, for complying with the information security regulations and for smooth development of data management at the university level. Link to the research permission:

MEG reservation and cancellation practices
• Max hours allowed per project is currently set to 20 hours/month. If you have the last reservation for the day, remember it’s your responsibility to turn the gantry to helium recycling position! It’s not enough to cancel your reservation, but check it or ask somebody else to take care. Remember also to announce late cancellations also in the email list (meg-users).
• The meg-users mailing list is intended to all persons who are performing MEG measurements or are otherwise tightly involved in an MEG project. Please check that your relevant students and co-workers are subscribed.

• Please inform us about your publications! It’s important that we can advertise these in social media (Facebook and Twitter) and also keep a record on MEG work published in JYU. Please also remember to include CIBR in the affiliations of all the publications where MEG system is used. This is important for upkeeping CIBR infra also in the future. Please consult Tiina if you have questions related to this.

Social media
• To raise JYU Brain Research visibility nationally and internationally, please use tags in your tweets about your research!
• In Twitter you can simply use our handle @jyucibr or #jyubrains to get retweeted. You can also send us info of your events etc. and we can post it in facebook pages.

Don't hesitate to be in contact (cibr-support) for any questions related to the use of MEG infrastructure, analysis-support, funding applications, training etc.

Have a nice autumn!
Tiina & the CIBR Staff