Neurofeedback project is looking for companies to collaborate

Neurofeedback project is looking for companies to collaborate in broadening the applicability of biosignal measurements in real life.

University of Jyväskylä, University of Helsinki, and Aalto University have combined their expertise in neuroscience, cognition, machine learning, and signal processing in the Neurofeedback project, funded by Business Finland. Currently, the team is looking for companies to network and collaborate.

Biosignals provide information on the psychophysical state of an individual. The Neurofeedback project aims to improve the utilisation of these signals and apply them in health, wellness, therapy, education, industry, gaming, and other suitable sectors. This is done by using advanced AI to identify reliable biomarkers in the human nervous system of a certain state or condition, and providing ways for monitoring and feedback. Implementation can lead in developing tools, services, or wearable measurement solutions.

The Neurofeedback project is led by Tiina Parviainen (JYU), Aapo Hyvärinen (UH), and Lauri Parkkonen (Aalto), who combine their expertise in neuroscientific research, cognition, signal processing, and machine learning. Currently, we are building collaboration with companies to find suitable use for the research findings of the biosignals, and to create a process of testing, validating and implementing. Core technology and applications developed are targeted to international markets.

The Neurofeedback project has received Co-Creation funding from Business Finland, and is a continuation of former ICT 2023 project funding by the Academy of Finland. Next, Co-Innovation funding will be applied for both companies and universities. Preparations are underway and interested companies are welcome to join us!

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