Sharing and publishing brain data at JYU -training 30.3.

30.3.2023 at 10:15-11:45
Suvanto B349, Lähde library

Welcome to
training ‘Sharing and publishing brain data at JYU: challenges and solutions! The event is aimed at brain researchers of JYU.

As the Open Science movement advances, journal publishers more and more require making the underlying research data as openly available as possible. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), on the other hand, sets requirements and restrictions for open availability of brain data. How to comply with the publishers’ data sharing policies? What solutions are available to help researchers plan a functional lifespan for their data?

In this event, we discuss the data types produced at CIBR from the practical points of view of personal data protection and the available options for meeting with the publisher’s policies. The event will take place live at Lähde Library, and it will be recorded for the internal further use for the CIBR community.

Registration is now open at The registration closes on Monday, 27 March.

- Open Science and data sharing (Anna Salmi, Open Science Centre, JYU)
- Data types produced at CIBR in the context of GDPR and personal data protection (Riikka Valkonen, Data Protection Officer, JYU)
- Navigating journals’ Data Availability Statements: what do they require and recommend? What solutions are available for meeting with the requirements and recommendations? How to plan the management of your data in practice? (Anna Salmi, Open Science Centre, JYU)
- Discussion

More information:
Anna Salmi, information specialist, Open Science Centre
+358 50 301 4858,